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Want to start your own IPTV service? Whether you collaborate with us or rebrand. Our resellers earn top dollar with affordable credit packages, a great support group, and most importantly, they have a great product that sells itself. If you are ready to become your own boss, deal with your own clients, and earn some extra cash on the side, then join a winning team; become a StreamZ Tv reseller today.

Support Group

Want to be a part of a community of helpful likeminded streamers of all experience levels? Join us. Our Facebook group is basically a 24/7 tech support group, where clients deal directly with our staff and community team leaders. We also host polls, do giveaways, and give on the spot updates to current events surrounding StreamZ Tv, and the overarching wide world of the streaming community. We are a close knit group and enjoy member participation. No one is left behind, whether you are seeking advice concerning a new device or need help setting up a router, we are here to help make your streaming experience great. We have a thread for clients to report down channels, have group activities, and so much more! We are not your average tv watchers bunched up in a cyber room. We are friends, helping friends.

Here are a few tips:

Logins are generated at time of purchase & emailed to you. If you do not see them in your inbox please check your Junk/Spam folder

Logins are case sensistive. Be aware of similarities like I & l or perhaps O & 0 within your logins.

Please join our Facebook Support Group. Please be sure to answer the 3 screener questions; we have an auto denial policy for not doing so.

Please do the trial before ordering to ensure proper set up, login, and comfortability with our services.

Again, don’t forget the SPAM/JUNK folder if you can’t find your logins or receipts…



Not like Sling Tv, DirectTv Now and the others where you pay additional fees for extra content. StreamZ Tv is affordable and conveniently priced with practically one package: EVERYTHING


Hassle Free

The best thing about StreamZ Tv is that it is Hassle Free. No technological experience is necessary. Just download the application, enter your logins,  configure your personal settings, and stream.


Watch Anywhere

Whether it is your Amazon Fire Tv Stick, an Android Tv Box or your web browser; enjoy StreamZ Tv anywhere their is an internet connection


StreamZ Tv puts you in control of what you want to watch!

Get StreamZ TV for as low as $16 per month. Try our  various multi-device Family Plans 2 to 5 devices per household. More affordable than cable!

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  • StreamZ Tv 600 + Channels
  • True HD
  • Over 6,000 On Demand entertainment option for Movies 
  • Over 650 Tv Shows, updated regularly
  • All premium sporting packages & events
  • 4 Screen Multi-View
  • Interactive Tv Guide
  • Retro Gaming Station
  • 2 day auto-dvr/ Catch Up for US Entertainment & Sports channels
  • Dedicated Urban, Retro Tv, & Classic sections
  • 4K On Demand
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Pay as you go! Month to month service
  • No long term commitments No Contract
  • Professional Support
  • and this is just the beginning.. their is So much more!

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How it Works

How to install or watch StreamZ Tv?

Currently their are a few different ways to install StreamZ Tv :

Through our Official Filelinked Store

if you have Filelinked install enter code 38813302 then enter Pin number 0629



Direct Link : If you are using on your phone, or ES File Explorer or Web Browser on your device you can install by typing in the direct link to either of our apps.  Applications marked by (**) can be downloaded to your mobile device

StreamZ Tv Signature Series App

(currently in re-development – please check back later for this application)

Smoking Aces


This app requires the use of your personal M3U. Please substitute the XXXXXX below with your username & password. The M3U is for your channels & the XMLTV is for your Tv Guide Data




Perfect StreamZ Player

This app also requires the use of your M3U (see above). This is a StreamZ Tv modded version of the Perfect Player IPTV app



CyberFlix **


Tv Zion **




Can it be installed on Mag 254?

No – We no longer support Mag 254 or any other MAG device combination.

What devices can I use to run StreamZ Tv on?

StreamZ Tv is currently available for Android Tv Boxes, Firesticks, and web browser viewing whether it be windows, chrome, safari, etc. iOS applications will be available in the future. We will also be creating a plugin for our web browser feature so that it installs directly to the browser of a Smart Tv.

How to become a Reseller

To become a reseller is very easy to start, and a great source for supplemental income. If you have what it takes then we welcome you to join a winning team today.

Resellers deal with their own clients, take their own payments, as well as connect, extend, and disable their clients services. To get started all you need is the determination to see it through and $200 for a starter panel which comes with 30 reseller credits.

The concept is to sell the service by setting your price and once you get low on credits, you purchase more to continue.  Reselling is not a get rich quick scheme. While some resellers are very successful making in excess of 5K per month, the average reseller profits about $500 to $2500 per month. We have a great Reseller support group, allow rebranding, and even allow our resellers to use our marketing materials.

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